Oops, I did it again.

Two Monday blogs missed. I did it again. Did I miss them because I just know nothing of consistency?

How in the hell does Seth Godin do his DAILY blogs if I can't even keep up weekly ones? Discipline, duh... blah blah, I know.

These days though, it's getting harder and harder to beat myself up whenever I fail to do something. When I look back at the last couple of weeks I missed... I sum it up in.

Missed Week 1: I was in the middle of my evaluated sessions in order to finally be certified as an ontological coach.

Missed Week 2: I was giving myself a staycation from the 8 months of hard work for my certification.

Oh... that's right. I'm an ontological coach now. I am fully certified to help people find their own answers and help them gain some insight into what their areas of improvement are in terms of who they are.

I must say I've learned quite a bit from this program and am very proud that I accomplished it.

I finally finished something. For me, a double college drop out - that's a lot to be proud of.

So now when I look at those two weeks of no blogging, no working out, and barely any social media or podcast work - in the grand scheme of things, it's nothing.

But this week I am officially back to work.

My goals this week:

- Getting started on a marketing and content plan to gain clients for my new online coaching business.

- Reading this book "The 4 Hour Work Week" by Tim Ferriss for a new perspective on how to run the life I want and be the most efficient at it.

- Getting back on track with my workout schedule.

- Setting my priorities straight and limiting my to do list to ONE or TWO important tasks per day. Giving myself plenty of time for social/fun/hobbies - etc. (This is a tip from that Tim Ferriss book I just mentioned)

- Oh, and well... getting this blog going again of course.


Namaste, ya'll. See you next Mon.

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