COVID+ & Couple's Quarantine

... and it's official. It was bound to happen at some point too. I think to think you can live a "normal" life and protect yourself entirely from getting the virus is quite naive. Unless you never leave your home or see any one, that is. In that case, being a hermit will play on your favour.

But we found out when my boyfriend got a fever and thankfully we took preventive measures from the first symptom. We've been trapped inside my bedroom for the last week and have one more to go before we get tested again and are free at last. No more symptoms aside from a couple days of fever and flu-like symptoms. It's just a waiting game now.

Quarantining as a couple in my bedroom... well, that's been interesting. I think prisoners have more freedom than we have because at least some of them get to spend some time outside of their prison cell. It hasn't been too bad actually. A couple arguments here and there but that was also bound to happen. I think prisoners have more freedom than we have because at least some of them get to spend some time outside of their prison cell. I've gotten my creative juices flowing because if I have to stay inside my bedroom for two weeks straight, I better get shit done... and that's gotten me out of the claustrophobia I can feel from not breathing fresh air. With no distractions whatsoever, I'm quite productive.

Body wise, I haven't been doing much aside from stretching because I don't want to push my lungs even though I feel fine... you know, just in case.

Cravings? Being outside in nature.

Relationship? I think after a few weeks of not spending a lot of quality time together, this has helped us grow closer again - especially because those few weeks had been rocky.

Health? I'm going to actually re-write this and say my lungs feel a little compromised today. I can't take a deep breath without coughing and get tired as if I'd been jogging if I move too fast (was wrestling-playing with my boyfriend earlier and was quickly out of breath).

That's about it. To be honest, I got nothing deep to share. Sorry, folks.

However - I do have a podcast episode where I talk about how burning out healed me a few months ago.

Here it is.

Have a beautiful week, my hearts.

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